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A Free Intensati Workout, 300 Sandwiches In Exchange for a Ring and A Canceled Wedding on Links of the Week Roundup


Intensati is a new type of fitness workout where you chant positive affirmations while you sweat out devilish calories. Sign up here to get a free downloaded workout and video pep talks.

James B. Barnes of Thought Catalog discusses the terrible side effects of being lonely.

A popular drug in Russia has reached America. Dubbed “Krokodil,” this heroin-like drug will destroy your life and melt away your skin. Literally. [NSFW, NS for the Squeemish]

I want to go to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

300Sandwiches is the blog of a New York Post Page 6 reporter. Her boyfriend promised her an engagement ring if she made him 300 sandwiches. Read this as a recipe guide and NOT a relationship guide. Some more insights here.

A canceled wedding in Atlanta turns out to be a happy day for 200 homeless people. Great story about great people.

Conan interviews the entire cast of Breaking Bad.

Learn how to get out of debt with this fun video.

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