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A NY Icon Dies, Celebrities Get Bangs & Birth Babies, and Mean Girls Goes Disney on Links of the Week Roundup

Gus, the Bronx Zoo Polar Bear

This is a beautifully written farewell to Gus, the celebrity Bronx polar bear who passed away on Tuesday.  I never met the icon, but RIP buddy.

Check out the first issues of 10 famous magazines.

I have a strong desire to ruin my life and get bangs. This slideshow of 25 celebrities with bangs is inspiring but I know my hair will never look as good.

On a more serious note, there is a problem in Syria. A very big problem.  I have no opinion that I wish to share but just wanted you to know that I’m an intelligent woman with interests besides bangs.

Just kidding! Here are more celebrities with bangs.

Smart and successful women fascinate me so my new obsession is Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.  She has man haters. Shocker.

Love having sex in public? So does this South Caronlina couple. They got busted for doing the nasty at Home Depot.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel had a baby boy and his name is Axl.

Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) is moving to the East Village and this enraged all of the really cool people who currently live there.  Eh. Maybe it’s because he demolished an almost-landmarked building.

This is super adorbs. Like, super. Mean Disney Girls is a Youtube video of…you guessed it…Mean Girls starring Disney characters.

The cost of raising a baby is too damn high.

New York Then & Now is fun look at what once was and what now is.

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