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This is me in all of my Photoshopped glory. I’m actually 56 years old. Thank you, Properpix, for making me look presentable for my about page.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with exclamation marks.
  • I also have MS. To most it stands for multiple sclerosis but to me it stands for mucho special. Das right. Mucho special.
  • I am NOT a doctor although it is a personal goal of mine to become one. When I get an MFA in Creative Writing, I shall refer to myself as a doctor of verbs and adjectives.
  • This is a humor blog. Please escape while you can if you’re interested in learning more about politics and world issues.
  • I adore all animals. More than most people.
  • I have a thing for llamas. Particularly drama llamas who act out and do all sorts of naughty things.


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