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An MS Poem by Val

Remember that time I showed off and published fan mail from Zohra to me? Well, I’m not done showing off. Today I bring you two poems by my best friend Val. This is significant because the poems are about me and were written shortly after I was diagnosed. Also because Val is an exceptional poet who has the ability to dig deep into the soul and find the perfect words to describe her complicated emotions. I hope she shares more with the public but until then, I’ll be forcing her to write poetry inspired by me since being a muse is a personal life goal of mine. Enjoy.


my best friend has MS
not yet a Mrs. but she’s got stress
we make jokes and we progress
but when shit strikes then we regress
she’s the yin to my yang
the bread to my salty butter
she’s my sanity in times of trouble
but now she’s seeing double
I’m looking straight
ahead to the curved road
we both travel
and despite the gravel
it will be smooth for us

Miss Poet

“I’d rather be free than responsible” my friend said
Now go write me a poem Miss Poet
But that was before she was upset
Before the doctor told her
Why she was in bed
Before life became restrictive
Before drugs became addictive
“I’d rather be alive than free” my friend said
Now go write me a poem Miss Poet

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 12.21.13 PM copy


I love the poem and the way it intertwines the delicate nature of friendship and the many things that can go wrong in life. How about you?

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