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Beyonce Dishes Dating Advice, Channing Tatum Plays B-Ball w/ a Baby and 13 Fall Shows You Want to See on Links of the Week Roundup

Beyonce GIFS

Beyonce doles out some dating advice in the form of GIFS.

Chobani yogurt started to hiss at people so there was a recall. Oh, and did you know that the Air Force banded Chobani?

This writer hurt herself and couldn’t yoga for 14 weeks. This is her story.

Ugh. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Ariel Castro committed suicide in jail. That makes me angry.

A rapist in the UK was disappointed to learn that he may have gotten HIV from his victim.

Stumbling in Flats is a fancy blog about MS. Barbara is highlarious and we will be guest blogging on each other sites soon. I’m super excited about it.

Channing Tatum and a baby play basketball. Collective “awwwww’s” ensue.

Buzzfeed introduces us to the man who perfected the selfie.

13 Fall pilots you and your DVR might want to know about.

i'm too fancy ms blog

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