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Brooklyn Girls Aren’t That Easy, The Pope is a Badass and E-Z Pass is Spying on You on Links of the Week Roundup

Dating in Brooklyn

Dating in Brooklyn

The Pope is a badass. Thinks Catholics are too obsessed with the gays and contraception. Catholics Owned.

Jenny Lawson bought a bear head and did with it what I would do with it. I’m so jealous of her bear head.

SoleRX is exactly what it sounds like.

Dating in Brooklyn is difficult because Brooklyn women are picky. I suspect it’s because Brooklyn guys are lame and too busy up keeping their hipster mustaches to know how to wow a lady.

I love this story. Russell Simmons and his girlfriend launch a military-style operation to get their missing dog back. Success!

This is one of the most pointless articles I’ve ever read.

Driver rigs a toy cow to MOO every time he passes an EZPass sensor in Manhattan. They’re following us.

A brawl broke out at an Eagles game in Philadelphia. Because Philadelphia Eagle fans are barbarians.

This is so LOL.

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