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Can Long Distance Relationships Work? Yes, They Can

How to Be in a Long Distance Relationship, Do long distance relationships work?

Is physical closeness the only answer to a successful relationship? Experts say not really. Turns out it’s not about your geographical proximity to one another but how intimate you are with each other. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

A recent study in the Journal of Communication found that those in long distance relationships “felt as much or more trust and satisfaction” as their physically close counterparts. Like any relationship, near or far, the answer is communication. How often do you talk? And what do you talk about? Annoying passenger on the train? The wrath you feel for your coworker who “accidentally” called you out during a meeting with the boss? In fact, yes. Couples who share their days, even the minutia, are likelier to succeed.

The key, though, is to do so regularly. You want each other to know the mundane, even inane details, about your lives, says Robert Navarra, a California-based certified Gottman therapist for The Gottman Institute, a research, training and counseling center to promote better relationships.

The dry cleaning, your boss, what you had for lunch – who cares? Well, you should. Part of intimacy involves knowing the details of the other person’s daily life, big and small, because you’re that important to each other, Navarra explains. But it’s not so much about the daily accounting of groceries or child care or even the mechanics of each other’s jobs, as gauging each other’s emotional standing, he says.

– Source US News

Sounds complicated but life is such so if you want it bad enough, you can make it work. Just ask James and Jude, a lovely couple who fell in love on Tumblr. Yes, Tumblr. It makes sense since the vast amount of technology available today makes it easy to connect and stay connected. Check out their story on The Date Report because the two started out as strangers living more than 1000 miles away from each other and today they are engaged. Cue the awwwww.

Are you currently or have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Did it work? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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