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Malala Yousafzai is a Hero, Banksy in East New York and Other Stories on Links of the Week Roundup


Malala Yousafzai is an amazing young girl. She is favored to win the Nobel Peace Prize and she’s only 16. Check her out in all her glory on The Daily Show.

Banksy took his art tour to East New York and locals are charging $20 to get a look at the piece. Don’t knock the hustle.

A Brooklyn rabbi helped Hasidic women get a divorce by torturing the husbands with an electric caddle prod. Love this story. Too bad he got caught because what will the Jewish women do now?

I have recently fallen off my Paleo lifestyle diet and have been consuming all sorts of deliciously bad things. I’m thinking I need some structure and might do a Whole30 challenge.

Stalking your favorite 90s celebrities on Twitter will help you waste some time.

Check out my guest post on Stumbling in Flats. I talk about why I’m not taking disease modifying drugs and it’s quite the discussion.

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OkCupid Singles Out Fat People, ScarJo Falls and Other Stories on Links of the Week Roundup

scarlet johannson falls

The government shut down.

Scarlett Johansson fell and the internet responded.

There is a mad pooper pooping in students laundry over at Yale. They also pee in the washing machines. Aren’t they supposed to be smart in Yale?

OkCupid has a new filter where you can weed out overweight or ugly people. The trouble with this is that the weeder-outters are usually the ugly ones.

17 bizarre foods every Russian grew up with is pretty accurate although I never ate the gross stuff. Like the herring shuba, aka herring fur coat.

Alaska, bitch!

Scribd – where you can read unlimited books for $8.95/month and publish your own writing.

GoogaMooga is not coming back to Prospect Park. I’m happy about this because I won’t have to feel bad for not attending anymore.

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A Free Intensati Workout, 300 Sandwiches In Exchange for a Ring and A Canceled Wedding on Links of the Week Roundup


Intensati is a new type of fitness workout where you chant positive affirmations while you sweat out devilish calories. Sign up here to get a free downloaded workout and video pep talks.

James B. Barnes of Thought Catalog discusses the terrible side effects of being lonely.

A popular drug in Russia has reached America. Dubbed “Krokodil,” this heroin-like drug will destroy your life and melt away your skin. Literally. [NSFW, NS for the Squeemish]

I want to go to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

300Sandwiches is the blog of a New York Post Page 6 reporter. Her boyfriend promised her an engagement ring if she made him 300 sandwiches. Read this as a recipe guide and NOT a relationship guide. Some more insights here.

A canceled wedding in Atlanta turns out to be a happy day for 200 homeless people. Great story about great people.

Conan interviews the entire cast of Breaking Bad.

Learn how to get out of debt with this fun video.

Brooklyn Girls Aren’t That Easy, The Pope is a Badass and E-Z Pass is Spying on You on Links of the Week Roundup

Dating in Brooklyn

Dating in Brooklyn

The Pope is a badass. Thinks Catholics are too obsessed with the gays and contraception. Catholics Owned.

Jenny Lawson bought a bear head and did with it what I would do with it. I’m so jealous of her bear head.

SoleRX is exactly what it sounds like.

Dating in Brooklyn is difficult because Brooklyn women are picky. I suspect it’s because Brooklyn guys are lame and too busy up keeping their hipster mustaches to know how to wow a lady.

I love this story. Russell Simmons and his girlfriend launch a military-style operation to get their missing dog back. Success!

This is one of the most pointless articles I’ve ever read.

Driver rigs a toy cow to MOO every time he passes an EZPass sensor in Manhattan. They’re following us.

A brawl broke out at an Eagles game in Philadelphia. Because Philadelphia Eagle fans are barbarians.

This is so LOL.

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Proof that Love Does Hurt, Fashion Week Sandwich Trends and More on Links on the Week Roundup

Joking Bad by Jimmy Fallon, Breaking Bad Parody

There is now scientific evidence that proves heartbreak does actually physically hurt.

Jimmy Fallon in a Breaking Bad parody is quite fantastic.

Project Runway contestants make fashion from Subway sandwich wrappers.

Dirty hair is the next big thing in hair fashion and I’m like, been there, done that.

This guy wants to move out of his spacious Williamsburg apartment because his roomate won’t stop talking about Syria.

Check out the stars of Dawson’s Creek then and now. It’s been 15 years since it premiered and changed our vocabularies forever.

Twitter tweeted they are going privately public.

A dog became aggressive towards a babysitter who turned out to be abusive towards the baby. Dog doesn’t like your sitter? Get a new sitter.

A dude talks about crying during emotional movies.