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Goodbye, Breaking Bad [Spoilers]

Breaking Bad is over and my heart feels a little empty. Kinda. More so yesterday. Today I am making an effort to move on and so I am researching other TV shows. The best way to get over one TV show is with another TV show even if it’s not as good. Must keep mind occupied long enough and maybe I’ll eventually forget Sunday’s feel different.

I liked the finale. I’m happy Jesse lived and Walt died peacefully. Or at least somewhat peacefully. He accomplished his ultimate goal which was to leave money to his family and he did. He also died saving Jesse in a way and so that was lovely. However, I’m still worried about that confession video which was last seen at the Nazi’s compound. Did they destroy that?! I don’t remember. If not, Jesse will be on the run for a long time. Also, once Flynn (Walt, Jr) learns his father didn’t really kill Hank, he can use all of the money coming to him to get therapy. I mean, he told his dad to die and that’s pretty serious don’t you think? I think.

I ended up preordering the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series because I am that obsessed. Vinny was like, but you watched it already. And I was like, AND? I’ll watch it again. And again. And again. I will watch until the DVD doesn’t work but what I really want is the behind the scenes stuff. The stuff they don’t show you on TV. And also the Los Pollos Hermanos apron. And it comes in a barrel! I am going to be so cool.

Breaking Bad DVD Set

If I find myself feeling too sad, I can just turn on the TV because the cast of Breaking Bad is everywhere. Last night I saw Badger on CBS’s Mom with Anna Faris and Allison Janney. The show, created by Chuck Lorre, is cute and so I’ll be DVR’ing. Dean Norris (Hank) is on Under the Dome on CBS and Betsy Brandt (Marie) is on The Michael J. Fox Show. Aaron Paul also has a lot of movies coming out and Bryan Cranston will have no troubles picking what he wants to do next. Anna Gunn is currently filming a TV movie and I’m sure that contract was signed before she won her Emmy. Either way, good for them.

Okay. Now I’m done writing about Breaking Bad. My emotional stability depends on it.

And now I will take a break from this world. I found this 8tracks radio player a whiles ago and had this mix in a draft post, figuring I’d eventually use it as a soundtrack. I think this post requires a soundtrack and so here it is. Enjoy.

And then tell me what you think. Did you watch Breaking Bad? Did you like the finale? And what are you watching now? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

take a rest from our thoughts take a brake from this world from wilson15 on 8tracks Radio.

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