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Malala Yousafzai is a Hero, Banksy in East New York and Other Stories on Links of the Week Roundup


Malala Yousafzai is an amazing young girl. She is favored to win the Nobel Peace Prize and she’s only 16. Check her out in all her glory on The Daily Show.

Banksy took his art tour to East New York and locals are charging $20 to get a look at the piece. Don’t knock the hustle.

A Brooklyn rabbi helped Hasidic women get a divorce by torturing the husbands with an electric caddle prod. Love this story. Too bad he got caught because what will the Jewish women do now?

I have recently fallen off my Paleo lifestyle diet and have been consuming all sorts of deliciously bad things. I’m thinking I need some structure and might do a Whole30 challenge.

Stalking your favorite 90s celebrities on Twitter will help you waste some time.

Check out my guest post on Stumbling in Flats. I talk about why I’m not taking disease modifying drugs and it’s quite the discussion.

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