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Mister Sunday Meets Candy Crush: An Epic Tale of a Labor Day Staycation

Mister Sunday in Brooklyn

Me flirting with the camera.

Howdy, ya’ll! Hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend. I, for one, had a stupendous time. Vinny and I decided to enjoy all Brooklyn has to offer so we had a staycation. Usually I would be a giant cry baby about staying local during a holiday that just begs for you to spend a weekend in nature but since we were active, I didn’t mind.

On Saturday we celebrated my dads 75th birthday (woohoo dad!) during the day and went bowling at night. Then on Sunday I went to a hipster party sans Vinny. He was busy drafting his fantasy football team in New Jersey. If you think I think drafting a fantasy football team is a sufficient way to spend 1/3 days of labor day, you’d be wrong. But it is what it is. Vinny had fun picking tight ends and I had fun wearing a tight skirt that showed my tight end. Hahaha. Get it?

Everyone I met at Mister Sunday was from Texas. Or rather, they were from Brooklyn via Texas. It was interesting to say the least. The party was at Gowanus Grove near the famed Gowanus Canal. It didn’t smell and I was pleased. I drank red sangria the entire night but everyone else was too cool for school and drank trendy Brooklyn beer. Outside, an elderly Asian woman collected the cans to recycle. I’m pretty sure she is richer than us all.

Mister Sunday Brooklyn

She’s rich.

The rest of our weekend was spent watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and hating playing Candy Crusher. Vinny and I just recently started playing so we’re really not that far along. Okay, we’re in the 30s. I know, I know! With 400 levels, it’s almost as if we’re not even playing at all.

Sometimes I love the game and sometimes I hate it. Usually the hate comes when I can’t beat a level. Luckily, my friend Victor beat one that I was perpetually stuck on and I rejoiced with delight. Now Vinny calls me a cheater but when he does, I just wave my arms up in the air like I just don’t care. Because I don’t. I am further ahead because of it and if unearned success is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Lesson learned? Cheating is okay if it gets you ahead in life.

Your turn. How was your Labor Day weekend? But more importantly, do you crush candies?

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