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OkCupid Singles Out Fat People, ScarJo Falls and Other Stories on Links of the Week Roundup

scarlet johannson falls

The government shut down.

Scarlett Johansson fell and the internet responded.

There is a mad pooper pooping in students laundry over at Yale. They also pee in the washing machines. Aren’t they supposed to be smart in Yale?

OkCupid has a new filter where you can weed out overweight or ugly people. The trouble with this is that the weeder-outters are usually the ugly ones.

17 bizarre foods every Russian grew up with is pretty accurate although I never ate the gross stuff. Like the herring shuba, aka herring fur coat.

Alaska, bitch!

Scribd – where you can read unlimited books for $8.95/month and publish your own writing.

GoogaMooga is not coming back to Prospect Park. I’m happy about this because I won’t have to feel bad for not attending anymore.

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