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On (Not) Running Marathons

Pam Anderson Marathon

Pamela Anderson @ The Marathon

Hello there and happy Monday! Hope everyone had a joyful weekend and used their extra hour wisely. I used my extra hour sitting in traffic because I forgot about the Marathon. It wasn’t so bad. I was driving along 3rd Avenue as the runners raced on 4th Avenue so I got to see little people speeding by. It was inspiring to see them go. It takes a lot of dedication and committment to run a marathon and I loudly fast clap for all those who participated.

Which brings me to point out that I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. If I ever do it will probably be an MS race but I’m going to be honest – I don’t actually enjoy running (bad ankles, dislike being active) and therefore can’t find the proper dedication and commitment to actually ┬átrain and participate. However, I am searching for a hobby that will help me feel as though I am running a marathon. Below are some options I’m willing to further look into.

1) Kickboxing – Sometimes I just want to kick some ass. Kickboxing will not only be a healthy way for me to get out any aggression but I will also learn how to kick literal ass. In addition to completing a marathon, I’ve also always dreamed of kickboxing my way out of a room full of armed Ninja’s, just like on TV.

2) Bowling – I am a superb bowler. In high school, we had the option of skipping regular gym class in favor of a more fun and active sport. We could choose between tennis and bowling. I took both but really my claim to fame was my time at bowling. I am proud to announce that my team and I came in at 8th place. And it was all because of me! I insisted on having proof of our superior sportsmanship and we got a plaque, which was was one of my finest moments in high school. I felt very powerful and full of endorphines, just like marathon runners must feel.

3) Knitting – I think it would be pretty cool to learn how to knit. I’d make scarves, sweaters and whatever else people make with yarn. Mittens? Mittens! Even though it’s a sedentary activity, I still consider learning something new a work out. The stress of having to figure out how to hold the needles would definitely manifest into physical symptoms like increased heart rate and forehead sweat so it’s on the list.

4) Walking – Is there such a thing as walking marathons? Because I’d be awesome at that.

5) Bike Riding – Vinny and I started riding bikes this past summer and it was great fun. I learned that I am really good at it since I no longer smoke cigarettes. I also learned that I am terrified of traffic and prefer riding on sidewalks. Unfortunately it’s getting cold and because I am sensitive to the elements, I have retired my bike for the season.

I don’t know what hobby I will take up but preparing a list of potential activities is the first step. I’m leaning towards just taking a nap because picking a hobby is more stressful than I thought. Your turn: are you a marathon runner? If so, how do you feel? If not, what is your hobby?

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