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Proof that Love Does Hurt, Fashion Week Sandwich Trends and More on Links on the Week Roundup

Joking Bad by Jimmy Fallon, Breaking Bad Parody

There is now scientific evidence that proves heartbreak does actually physically hurt.

Jimmy Fallon in a Breaking Bad parody is quite fantastic.

Project Runway contestants make fashion from Subway sandwich wrappers.

Dirty hair is the next big thing in hair fashion and I’m like, been there, done that.

This guy wants to move out of his spacious Williamsburg apartment because his roomate won’t stop talking about Syria.

Check out the stars of Dawson’s Creek then and now. It’s been 15 years since it premiered and changed our vocabularies forever.

Twitter tweeted they are going privately public.

A dog became aggressive towards a babysitter who turned out to be abusive towards the baby. Dog doesn’t like your sitter? Get a new sitter.

A dude talks about crying during emotional movies.

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