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TED Talk Tuesdays: Over-Medicalized and Loving It?

Hello and welcome to TED Talk Tuesdays! This is my attempt at feeling smart and learning new things.

This weeks first ever TED Talk is about how America is medicine obsessed and doctors pre-prescribe all sorts of conditions. You can have pre-cancer, pre-diabetes, pre-so and so and the answer to that is more tests and more copays. Basically it’s an industry like any other. I actually believe pre-conditions exist and are a serious thing. I’ve had pre-cancerous cells living in my who-ha and I was happy to know, happy to come in for another appointment and happy to get a biopsy to scrap all the bad shit away. I actually minded more when that same office billed my insurance for procedures I didn’t have but that’s a whole nother TED talk.

I ┬ádon’t actually have anything more to add to the pre-condition debate because I’m self absorbed and I rather talk (more) about myself. Here it goes.

I wonder what I would do if I was diagnosed with pre-Multiple Sclerosis. Would my life be different? Would I have avoided all the brain-damaging activities of my early 20s if I knew there was a possibility I’d actually get brain damage in my late 20s? I think about this often and I always come to the same conclusion. Probably not.

Early 20s me was too busy having feelings and opinions to really have the ability to understand the seriousness of such a diagnosis. So if I was diagnosed with pre-MS, I’d probably find a way around having to deal with it. I’d probably still smoke cigarettes, just with more guilt. I don’t remember organic food being a big thing in 2006/2007/2008 so I’d probably still love Applebee’s, Coke, and high fructose-flavored snacks. And the partying? Yeah, I’d still do that, too. Because that’s what your 20s are for.

I guess maybe I wouldn’t change a thing because I know I can’t change a thing. I don’t currently have a time machine so I embrace living in the present. Even if that present involves talking about the past.

How about you? Tell me your feelings, whatever they may be.

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