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The Time I Met Dina Lohan and She Was Drunk

Me and Dina Lohan Dina Lohan was arrested for DUI last week and this post is going to be me exploiting her troubles for Facebook Likes.

I met Dina Lohan in 2008 at a Dave Mathews Cancer Benefit Concert. Julia Roberts was there. So was Gossip Girl hot stuff Chase Crawford (beyond perfect). Samantha Ronson was the DJ. Lindsay wasn’t there. Dina was drunk.

I approached her, because that’s what I do, and we had a brief chat. She told me that magazines make up stories and she asked me not to put the picture up on Facebook.

Meeting Dina Lohan

“I promise. I won’t.”

And I didn’t at the time. I could have but I didn’t. Or maybe I did. Honestly I don’t remember.

She continued to slur her words and wobble. Now that I think about it, maybe she has MS? JK! She was definitely drunk. And it appears that she continued to enjoy the spiked punch. Unfortunately this time she decided to drive. Thankfully no one got hurt.

It’s kinda sad, isn’t it?. It doesn’t take a degree to see that Dina Lohan is an alcoholic. And so is Lindsay, which she recently admitted to Oprah. Lindsay got the help she needed and I hope Dina will follow in her daughters footsteps. Not only because she should save herself but because Lindsay deserves a sober mother.

Why do I care? BECAUSE I DO.

Because I want to see people do well, especially those who are troubled. Also because I am a glutton for punishment and love to support people who will likely stumble. But so far so good. Dina, Linds and the rest of the family recently celebrated Dina’s 51st birthday and no one orders an alcoholic beverage. Mozel Tov!

What are your thoughts? Do you care about celebrities like they are your long lost friends? Do you think Lindsay will stay sober or will Dina destroy her chances? Let’s talk about it!

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