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Things That Concern Me

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These are the things that keep me up at night.

  • My hump, my lovely lady lump. On my back. I really need to improve my posture.
  • The fact that I bought a 3-blade razor because it was on sale. My legs look like I got into a scuffle with a feral cat.
  • La Yogurt.
  • When you google US Soccer Team only the men’s team shows up, even though they fucking suck and the women are champions.
  • Stella. She just won’t go away. Stella is the pimple living on my face. Bitch.
  • Habits. Specifically: why it’s so easy to have bad habits and so hard to form good habits. 21 days is a long ass time.
  • My memory. I’m always forgetting that I’m trying to form new positive habits.
  • The distress I feel when I’m reading a book, don’t know what a word means and I try to highlight said word but the definition doesn’t pop up and it takes me too long to realize I’m reading an old school paper book that isn’t as advanced as my Kindle.
  • Instagram popularity. Follow me and help me feel like a more popular human. Because we all know that is what’s really matters in life.
  • My obsession with using ! and 🙂 when corresponding online with others because I don’t want to sound rude even though I shouldn’t really care. WHY DO I CARE?
  • The fact that Michael Jackson wrote a song especially for me and it’s perfect. Stay tuned for a post about that.

That’s all, folks.

Clearly a slow writing week for me. But fret not, there will be more substance shortly.


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