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Why I Broke Up With i’m too fancy

i’m too fancy was born as a budget fashion blog in 2011.

The exact date escapes me but the weather was mild and the mood was elated. I was excited to start something new and I had Big plans.

The idea was this: i’m too fancy would be a budget shopping blog that would also power an affiliate-powered e-commerce store (I’d make money when someone bought something from the link) that curated budget finds I thought were cute, classic and didn’t look cheap. I’m not talking 80% off Chanel finds that still cost $300. I’m talking Forever 21 finds that will have people asking where you bought such an excepensive dress when you are a PAF (poor as fuck) entry-level slave.

And it failed. Epically.

I knew for a while it wasn’t going to work but I held on tight to the idea that it might. Vinny would tell me that it was time to accept it was over and move on to something else, but I couldn’t. I knew I should but I just couldn’t. Breaking up is hard, whether it’s with a person or a project you birthed.

I finally broke up with the idea around the time I was diagnosed with MS. I couldn’t deal with both and so the fashion blog was kicked to the curb.

My new normal was living life thinking about my failure and my health. You can imagine it wasn’t the most glamorous time in my life. I became better aquatinted with anger, sadness and depression. At the same time, I learned a lot about a lot. Learning hurts. Not just my brain when I’m trying to figure out how to tip my They don’t call them growing pains for nothing.

Time passed and the sting of failure slowly stung less and less each day.  It was now time to start a new project. I needed to write. I needed to tell my MS story.

And so I did. On i’m too fancy.

On July 15, 2013, I booty-called my ex-blog with a post about my diagnosis.

And I continued to do it and do it and do it well.

I wrote posts when I felt like it and many were well-received. I was creatively happy here and when I think of those times, I imagine me and my blog running blissfully through a field of lilies surrounded by joyous shelter dogs enjoying the grass for the first time.

Still, there was a problem. I didn’t know what i’m too fancy meant anymore and this self-imposed confusion cock blocked me from publishing many posts. I also couldn’t keep it consistent. I now see that i’m too fancy was emitting negative juju into my subconscious because she didn’t appreciate being used. I get it.

And so I finally said goodbye. I ghosted on i’m too fancy and started a new blog.  This is how I found out I was ready to let go. I just did.

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally moved on and now there are no more strings attached.

Well, there’s you, dear ready. I’ve come back because you’re were our good friend and I felt you deserved to know, in great detail, what happened.

May your nights be more peaceful now that you have this knowledge.

I hope to see you over at Spilled Wine. It’s the same ole’ me, just better.