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Why I’m Not Taking A DMD

I haven’t written about MS in a while even though I consider this an MS blog. It’s just that nothing has really inspired me to write about it. Probably because I’m sitting comfortably in a place where I just don’t want to deal with it. I know this is wrong of me to do but sometimes I just forget I have MS. Or rather, I want to forget I have MS. Sometimes I just want to be like the other kids! I want pizza and soda and fries and chips and I want to not have to take medicine or even think about taking medicine.

But that’s not reality. Reality is that I do have to think about these things, particularly medicine.

I’m not currently taking any DMD’s and I’ve written about this decision over at Stumbling in Flats, an MS blog by Barbara from the UK. That’s her below with her son, The Teenager. Barbara was gracious enough to share her bandwidth with me and so you can read my post, By Doing Nothing, I Am Doing Something. The comments are great too and offer a different perspective. Thanks again, Barb!

stumbling in flats ms blog

Barbara and The Teenager are visiting New York next year and I’m excited to meet my international MS pal. It’s going to be a grand ole’ time…if we have the energy to make it so. But at the very least we’ll be drinking something together and I’m sure we’ll both blog about it. Until then, read my post about my decision not to take medicine.

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